The Journey Begins: My Ambassador Topic

The Exploration of the Evolution of New Music

In 2018, with a lot of new artists on the scene, and attempting to make their name known are trying wonderful new things to get noticed. There is, as it seems, the beginnings of a  renaissance in the music world. The categories and genres of music that we think of now when we think of music, Hip-Hop/Rap, Classical, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, EDM, House music/Club music – all of it is starting to blend together and make wonderful music. There are artists (mainly DJs and producers) that can use their talents making music to bring people together. They can combine a lot of different aspects of the types of music genres, the aspects that people fall in love to, the reason it is why they listen to that specific genre, and can create a beautiful new sound. 

This notion of bringing people together is not a new phenomenon and is actually the reason why a lot of artists first start producing music – is because they love seeing the people that it can bring together. I witnessed this first hand this summer while studying abroad in London. Before my class started; however, I spent a week in Barcelona with a bunch of my friends. At the end of the trip we went to a Diplo concert. A little quick background about Diplo as he will be a feature in my first blog post I assume – he is a DJ/Producer/Songwriter who grew up in South Florida. I have watched many interviews with him and have completely become entranced with his work. He is the type of artist who doesn’t create music for the fame, money, or any other reason besides he wants to make people feel good. He gives people music that you can party to, just chill and vibe to, listen to when your feeling down and it can pick you back up, he really is a true artist. He does all these wonderful things with music, but his real main goal (even if its subconscious for him) is to bring people from all over the world together with his music. Right now, he is touring in Africa with his DJ supergroup “Major Lazer,” and last year in Cuba he broke records (I won’t get too into this right now as it will definitely be a story, or part of a story. 

I hope that I articulated exactly what it is I am trying to do with my blog now. To put it most simply, my goal is to explore the new music that is coming out (mostly the EDM, Dance, Pop, and Hip-Hop/Rap songs that have cross-overs). What I mean when I say “cross-over” or “blending together,” what I am really referring to is a song that has pop/electronic kind of sounds, but features rap artists doing different things. Some of my favorite songs nowadays are these exact type of songs. I also thing that the message these artists are sending out towards younger artists is amazing. Just because you are a “Hip-hop” artist does not mean for the rest of your life you are solemnly sworn to making and writing rap songs. In my honest opinion, which doesn’t mean anything because I have no say in the music industry at all, thats when talent is wasted. When you have a young, talented artist who only raps or only a DJ who just does remixes because “that’s what they’re good at or its what is making them money and if they try anything else their image could be tainted” – you have a talent that so few people have, why only do one thing? It would be like if you had multiple superpowers and you only chose to fly. Flying is cool and all, but wouldn’t that get old? Wouldn’t you want to test out your other superpowers? 

Sorry to get side-tracked and start talking about super-powers. My main reason for choosing this as my blog topic was because I am truly fascinated and excited to see where this  modern age of music is going. I have a strong feeling that there is a lot of good change coming in the future, and I will be sure to tell you all about it. 

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