Major Lazer Tour Dates Announced

Major Lazer, a DJ supergroup, headed by Diplo a.k.a Wesley Pentz a.k.a Diplodicus a.k.a DJ God. The other members of the group are Jillionaire and Walshy Fire – and all three of them produce, well, music. It’s hard to give a specific genre to Major Lazer as they have sort of adopted their own, extremely unique sound that seems to be breaking from the stereotypical “music genre.” In order to give you an idea of what they sound like, the music that they produce/mix/whatever-it-is-they-do falls into a mashup of EDM, dancehall, reggae, moombahton, trap, reggae fusion, electro house, soca, rocksteady – and the list goes on. What makes Major Lazer so unique from other DJ groups/DJ’s is that they incorporate sounds from all over the world to make their beats. For example, you can hear African drums at the drop of one of their songs, you can hear sounds you would hear from music in India, and they’ll remix pop/hip-hop songs. Presidents, judges, elected officials, any person running for office has at one point made the promise “I just want everyone’s voice to be heard,” and obviously today in 2018 we now, hopefully, are smart enough to know that this is bullshit. They don’t care. They want the office. Major Lazer’s official slogan/motto or whatever you want to call it – they’re “mantra” – is as follows: Peace is the Mission. For Diplo and Major Lazer (and Mad Decent, Jack Ü, etc) the main goal is for everyones musical voice to be heard, and then branching off of that – peace. Major Lazer broke concert attendance records in Cuba in 2015 – after being the first large-scale concert (due to the prior U.S-Cuban relations) – over 400,000 people showed up. Now, they’re moving on to Africa. And then the next stop. Until they reach their end goal: world domination, or peace – one of the two.

Major Lazer Africa Tour Dates/Locations: 

September 29 – Johannesburg, South Africa

September 30 – Salima, Malawi

October 5 – Lagos, Nigeria

October 6 – Nairobi, Kenya

October 7 – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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