Spotify Offers 3rd Party -Bypasses Big Record Labels

Record labels may just be a thing of the past. For many, many years, if you wanted to make it in the music industry – you needed a record label to do so.

Almost every single big brand name artist in pop culture today has gotten to where they are because of one of the “big three.” Universal, Sony, and Warner.

Spotify, however, has pushed back against these big guys in order to help out the little guys. What they have done is signed deals with a number of independent artists, which allows the artists to stream directly to Spotify, bypassing the major labels. 

Spotify is directly combatting a major problem in the music industry with this new initiative. They are making it so you don’t need to join a record label in order to make it in the industry. For many artists, they shy away from the record labels because the labels influence the artist on how they want their music to sound.

The artists aren’t limited to doing one thing. They have the ability to fully express their artistic talent and showcase the reason why they chose to express themselves in the form of music. Spotify offers two distinct advantages with these new deals: 1. a bigger financial cut for artists and ownership of their music and 2. these deals are not exclusive to Spotify, so artists can publish their work on any platform they see fit.

This new initiative begins to switch the power from the label to the artist. Which is where the power should have been all along. 

This doesn’t make the big guys happy. Not one bit. There have been sneaky inclinations to the music conglomerate’s disapproval of Spotify’s new initiative in the form of social media comments and special deals. For example, Universal just created an exclusive playlist with Apple Music. While Spotify was recently reported to have brought in as much as $5 billion in revenue just last year, it is not the only player who controls the narrative. And now that they are stealing a large chunk of the big guys’ profits – they ought to tread lightly. 

Spotify made a calculated move to transform the music industry into something that benefited artists instead of profiting off of their talent. Spotify saw a huge flaw in the music industry, and using their position as a streaming service, were able to spark change. A new era of music is coming, one that will help emerging artists break through the surface on their own.

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