Blog Post: Trump Days

One immediate reaction I had to reading this piece was that it was heavily biased against Trump. I knew that from literally no shorter than a couple sentences in due to the language being used, so I attempted to read this from an outsiders’ perspective.

Secondly, I did not agree with the a lot of what the author had to say. While there were some things that I did find myself agreeing with, (he does make a few good points against Trump and against his methods) but one of the claims that did not sit so well with me about Trump was that he ‘gave off’ a certain ungentleness that “prompted the abandonment of social norms.”

This is a very accusatory thing to say. This places Trump into that category of loud, tyrannical ruler, which is actually far from what he is. He is simply the President of the United States. In terms of raw executive power, he has no more or no less power than Barack Obama did before him and George W. Bush did before him. While I do agree that Trump’s rallies could at times get a little too rowdy, but he never would provoke the abandonment of social norms. The author gets into specific examples, talking about how when she would go to a Trump rally before he would start speaking she could have conversations with Trump supporters, but when Donald starts speaking it turns to chaos. Is that really President Trumps fault that these people act the way they do? He isn’t necessarily provoking violent behavior by explicitly urging people to fight liberals. He just yells about how much they suck. If anything, the argument could be made that Trump supporters are naturally fired up (most of them being from the working class, working in non-ideal conditions), and he plays on that emotion. The way Donald Trump plans his speeches at this rally doesn’t help the situation either because it’s in bullet point form. By that I mean he writes down a few bullet points, talking points, that he’d like to rant about. He doesn’t plan anything, that much is evident if you watch him speak on TV (a large majority of it is just a lot of talking), and he speaks at a loud volume. This is a recipe for disaster (exactly what the author mentioned). The real question is if Donald is doing this on purpose or by accident.

To say that Donald Trump is playing on the people of the working class’ emotions, and through his methods of ranting, unite a large enough majority to win the election would be to say that you think Donald Trump is intelligent. This would also go against any “LeftLand” argument against the legitimacy of the Presidency of Donald Trump as I have heard many arguments to remove Trump on the basis of intelligence and that he is “stupid, moronic, etc.” To say that Donald Trump really hasn’t a clue what he’s going to say at a rally and is “better at free-balling it” and the people attending the rally are just misinterpreting what his message is — probably holds more truth to it.

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