Mac Miller, XXXTentacion, And Lil Peep, All Warning Signs

Most recently, Mac Miller died at the age of 26 due to a drug induced overdose. Mac Miller was the guy I literally grew up listening to. I always stuck with him, and was loyal to him, but did I truly appreciate him? I find myself tossing and turning – fighting this inner-debate as I re listen to Mac, before there’d be times where I’d skip over his songs sometimes (nothing personal), but now I find myself always turning whatever Mac song comes up randomly. Unfortunately, for better or for worse, I think that Mac Miller’s sudden death did make myself (and all Mac fans alike) truly appreciate his music, not just because of its melodic sounds or good beats, but because of the lyrics and the story he tells.

This larger issue of artist appreciation is not new. We have been seeing this trend ever since there have been visual artists, whose work doesn’t reach its true fame until they have passed on. This trend is now creeping its way into the modern music industry. In the last year, the music world has suffered the losses of Mac Miller, XXXTentacion, and Lil Peep. XXXTentacion was murdered at the young age of 20, and Lil Peep died of a drug overdose. What is also interesting to note is that both of these artists were quoted saying that people wouldn’t truly appreciate their music until they were dead. This actually turned out to be factual, and can be backed up in statistics. Since the time of both of their deaths, there has been a song released featuring the two of them together (never heard before). This song came out and immediately hit the top of the charts. XXXTentacions songs “SAD” and “?” stream numbers are skyrocketing. His song “SAD” even broke 24-hour streaming records after his death. The proof is in the numbers. Before his death, XXX was, well for lack of a better word, hated. He was criticized for his public figure, and his life away from music was out under a microscope.

The message of this should be clear. If its not, well then hear you go, appreciate the artists. Its kind of like save the bees. Appreciate the artists. Start the movement.


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