Major Lazer Tour in Africa Takes Off

Major Lazer’s tour, headed by world renowned Super-DJ Diplo, is spreading their positive vibes through Africa. Diplo has been busy lately. This summer he was traveling all over the globe playing at venues all over (I got to see him in Barcelona and it truly changed my life). I know walk around and look at people completely differently. I would definitely say I am more open to meeting new people, and more receptive to things like change (before it was something I despised and now I welcome it). This isn’t about me and my experience with Diplo, however. No, this is about something much larger. This is about the world.

Its clear that there is a divide. Its not just one line dividing two groups, but rather many lines splitting lots of groups of people apart. The goal of Major Lazer’s mission and what Diplo is trying to accomplish with the group is to be able to make a Global band, a Global sound that all people of the world can connect to. This then in turn, effectively connect all those people. He is attempting to do the impossible. Given his fame, and how many people all over the world love the music and sounds he produces, why couldn’t he do this? Why can’t he unite the world? If peace truly is his mission, and he seeks nothing as compensation for this then I am 100% with him as the rest of the world should be.

I believe that music is beginning to lose its strength as an art that can promote real world change. I fear that we are moving more towards a time where music is just a form of entertainment – and isn’t supposed to hold this higher meaning. I push back against this trend, and always try to see the messages within the music I listen to. Ultimately, the reason I chose this blog was my love for music. I truly believe that music is one of the things that is a commonality across all people’s lives. I think because of this music can spark real change in the world.


  1. “I believe that music is beginning to lose its strength as an art that can promote real world change.” I’d be curious to hear more about why you think this is true. For example, do you have an opinion on Taylor Swift’s recent foray into politics?

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