Lil Wayne Tha Carter V: His Own Birthday Present

Hot off the release of his latest masterpiece, Tha Carter V, Lil Wayne displayed his many works of art to his fans for the first time live at the AC3 Festival. Tha Carter V has seen massive success, well because, its freaking gold. Each song on the album is better than the next. This is evident in the fact that in the first week that Tha Carter V was released – the top 23 spots on iTunes were occupied by the 23 songs on the album. My personal favorite is Mona Lisa featuring Kendrick Lamar, and both Weezy and Kendrick deliver some of their best work. The name of the song is perfect – I truly believe it could be Weezy’s “Mona Lisa.”

I have always been a Lil Wayne fan, but over the last several years it seemed like he was more working behind the scenes than in the spotlight (literally). Weezy, while he wasn’t ghost quite and still appeared as a feature on tons of songs, was fighting for himself.

Lil Wayne, when he was starting out his career, was discovered by Birdman and Cash Money Records. Birdman acted as his mentor and friend, and essentially rode Wayne’s talent as a Hip-Hop artist to add to his riches. As Cash Money Records acquired more fame and more riches, so did Weezy. He ascended to the “GOAT” status in the minds of many people, but not himself. He wasn’t reaching his full potential, and something, someone was holding him back.

In 2015, Wayne sued Birdman for 51$ million because he said that he shorted royalty payments and claimed he had not given any advances. The root of the lawsuit; however, was so that Lil Wayne could own his own music. He wanted to be in charge of what he was making, and wanted to have the opportunity to truly give his fans all of himself, and more.

This album, Tha Carter V, is the true Lil Wayne. In a video he released to fans via some form of social media (Facebook or Instagram) – he told us that he always gives us 100% of himself, but “with this album, you are getting more than that.”

Tha Carter V now sits at #1 on the Billboard 200 with the second largest streaming week ever for an album.

Lil Wayne, your fans thank you.

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