Super Bowl Halftime Show Has Everyone Saying No, Except One Brave Soul, Or 5.

Yes! The “long-awaited” announcement of the Super Bowl Halftime performer has finally come, and the NFL sets out to book Maroon 5 for the gig. Honestly, I don’t really know how to react to this sort of news. For one, I am just purely excited for the Super Bowl as purely a fan of football (and of the Pats – they’re going all the way this year you can take my word for it). As a fan of music however, this kind of excites me in a weird way.

So to explain, I’ll have to rewind a bit. When I first heard the news that Maroon 5 was performing at the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl I actually was not very excited. I thought to myself, what Maroon 5 songs do I really like listening to – other than when I put the radio on because my moms in the car and she can’t stand really any of my music (i totally get it, not everyone can handle heavy drops) will I listen to Maroon 5 “willingly.”  Sorry to any “5ers” out there, but I can’t really stand their music.

I can’t stand their music really for one reason only, and that is this. IT ALL SOUNDS THE SAME. Think of it in the same way of why you hate pop country music because they have the same flaws. Each song has the same upbeat strumming of a guitar, a lot of high notes, and the lyrics are all about a girl. In some way, shape, or form the person singing, in this case Adam Levine, is almost always singing about a girl. A girl that broke up with him, cheated on him, treated him poorly, that got away from him, that he still loves, etc. You see the point I’m getting at.

So, I have no problem with them playing at the Halftime Show. Remember, if you’ve ever watched the Super Bowl you know what I’m talking about. The Super Bowl Halftime Show actually isn’t about music at all. It just gives the millions of people being forced to watch the Super Bowl, who don’t care at all about the game, something to be entertained with. This was evident in the fact that 5 major artists declined the invitation to perform at it. Adele, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Cardi B, and P!nk all declined all for their own reasons, but in the end was for the larger reason of the Halftime Show wasn’t worth all the hype it has.

The Halftime Show exists purely for two reasons 1. like I said before, for the millions of people being forced to watch, and 2. gives the people that have been watching at the edge of their seat not wanting to peel their eyes from the game, a chance to refuel the tank for the 2nd half. So, I’m glad that I wont have to worry about missing anything important while I take a quick bathroom break, grab some buffalo chicken dip, and get some refreshments.

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  1. It’s interesting that you say the problem with Maroon 5 is that all their music sounds the same. Isn’t that what people say about any genre they don’t listen to much? I don’t say this as a fan of M5, which I’m not, but….meanwhile I’m interested in the fact that all those other artists declined “for their own reasons.” Isn’t it a great place for publicity? Or maybe not..


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