Psi U Presents: Tropical 2k18


Unless you live under a rock, you have already been planning your entire saturday evening around Psi U’s Fall Tropical concert featuring Poolhaus and Vanic. This annual congregation of over a thousand Trinity students is always filled with good vibes. The whole venue transports you to a magical beach. Everyone is under this big tent with the lights bouncing off the walls, bringing in a visual image that closely resembles the aurora borealis. The soft sand underneath your feet evoke a true tropical feeling, and brings the beach to you. You don’t need a plane, train, car, or boat, all you need is to walk to the big yellow house with the massive tent outside. Honestly, you won’t even need to look for it because you’ll just hear the great tunes.

This years performance is extra special as well, as the opening act is one of our own. Poolhaus. I don’t honestly know that much about the local-legend, but he is one of the people I look up to (as someone who is becoming more and more intrigued with electronic music production). What I do know; however, is that Poolhaus graduated in 2015, and ever since he has walked, he has been spreading good vibrations. His hit, that you can hear on any given night out at Trinity, “Percolatin,” is famous amongst Trinity students. It has started to spread across the country, quite literally. A friend of mine who lives in Denver, who shares similar tastes in music, and every now and then he will hit me up with whatever new music is coming out of the Rocky mountains. One time, I got a message that just read, “you gotta check out this guy who just came out here” — with a video of Poolhaus playing.

Poolhaus will be opening for Vanic, who I also know very little about, but I know their music. Their music fills any room or space with trance-like, heavy electro music literally made for dancing. There is also something different with how they perform verus how they would make a song or remix alone. What they are able to do performing is bring you on a journey, they don’t just begin automatically with head-banging sounds, but lead you in using slower, softer sounds to start. In that sense, they are able to literally give the audience an experience. Vanic is unlike most DJ’s or “electronic music producers” in that their sound doesn’t resemble sounds we typically hear in other genres of music. They transcends music genres.

Imagine this. Its a Saturday. You have just slept in because the week before was a grind, you had class, homework, papers, exams, etc. Finally you have time for a break. A vacation. So, you find yourself on the magical beaches of Psi U’s Tropical. A true escape from the stresses of the outside world, much like an actual tropical vacation. Forget about the past week – it’s over. Forget about what you have next week – it’s not going anywhere. Focus on what is going on now. The now.

So, you’ve heard friends of yours, older students, and now me, all telling you how awesome Fall Tropical really is — is there anything holding you back from having some good, safe fun? NO. I can’t believe I had to tell you to go rip it up at Tropical. But, seriously, stop reading this, go put on your best hawaiian shirt, throw some shades on ‘cus why not wear sunglasses at night, meet up with guys (and girls) and have yourself some good ol fashioned fun.

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