Whats that? Speak up.

It is said that language shapes the reality in which we live. What happens if those words we use turn into something completely unrecognizable. Does it mean that our reality becomes unrecognizable?

It’s a long video I know, but I have been trying to post something in response to the new wave of hip-hop, labeled “mumble-rap.” The emergence of Soundcloud (often these rappers are referred to as ‘soundcloud rappers’) is attributed to the success of this kind of hip-hop because where else would this type of music survive. This sort of music is beginning to become too popularized to stop, and has basically consumed the hip-hop/rap and re-defined the game. Leaving many in the industry, who take the roots of the music genre seriously, pissed off.

This music is not what hip-hop is. Hip-hop was a musical movement, started by the African American community, that used the platform that music offered to rap about real issues. Real issues that the black community still face to this day, decades after the genre began to sprout as a serious form of music. Now, all you hear rappers “talking” about is girls, drugs, money, and fame.

I see the success of a lot of these rappers, and I think to myself, “sure they sound stupid, but so many of them are successful.” And I wont sit here and lie to you, I listen to a lot more of the ‘mumble rap’ than I care to tell, so is it our fault for liking that trend or the artist’s fault for producing?

P.S This post wasn’t meant for me to share my opinion, but rather spark cool discussion about this popular form of rap.


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