Friendship has always been a crazy thing to me. If you ask me who I like spending more time with, 9 times out of ten I will respond with “the boys.” This isn’t in attempt to be “macho” or one of those guys you see on barstool loudly shouting “Saturday’s are for the boys,” but I have been blessed to be surrounded with tons of friends over the last 20 years of my life.  Also, it’s nothing personal to my family, I love my family and actually I have noticed that family and friends are really starting to blend together.

To put a little context together about what the main part of the essay will be I first have to tell you about someone. McCrae James Williams. He was a close friend of mine growing up through elementary school all the way to when he graduated. Although, we both left the public school scene (he a little bit later than I did), we always remained close. McCrae tragically passed in the fall of last year. 9/11/2017. That was the day everything changed. I won’t get too into the details of how he passed because honestly it’s hard to do so. And, in addition, it takes away from what this entire essay is about. Friendship. McCrae touched so many lives, and that much is evident everytime I go back home for thanksgiving break. For the last two years, the day after Thanksgiving the Williams family (with support from friends) put together a big 3v3 lacrosse fundraiser tournament. The idea behind this wasn’t originated solely to raise money/awareness – that was more of a by-product. The real reason why this is held is for everyone who knew McCrae, whether it was one encounter or a lifetime of them, to come and celebrate his life. The day is filled with good laughs and good competition as you get to battle it out against all of your friends you have ever known. I am completely astonished every single time I go to that field and see all the kids I grew up with, all the kids I went to high school with, and their parents, siblings, friends, etc. It also isn’t just at the tournament. Thanksgiving has actually turned into friendsgiving for me. My “family thanksgiving” consisted of a quick 30 min meal. On saturday, the day after the lacrosse tournament, there is a massive party at my longtime best-friend Will Greenberg’s house, who also grew up with McCrae. Tons of friends, who I don’t see basically except for this one party, all come together (in McCraes spirit) and in the essay I can get into more detail about everything, but you see the picture I’m painting. McCrae, wherever you are, you are still bringing people together to laugh and have a good time, love ya mac.

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