Kodak Black: Rap God?

Kodak dropped a new album and WOW. For those uninformed, Kodak Black was recently released from jail, where Kodak has been a familiar sighting at. When Kodak isn’t making music it probably has something to do with some sort of legal trouble. Ever since he surfaced as ‘the real deal’ circa 2016, it has seemed like he can’t stay out of the criminal spotlight. Anyways, recent texts with Drake reveal that the rap superstar is jealous of Kodak’s talent.

The texts:










Drake is very clearly impressed by Kodaks new work and is trying to get some tips from the Florida rapper. He mentions that Kodak appears to be rapping from a gods level birds-eye view, drawing the connection that Kodak is a sort of rap-god. He wants to know how he ‘broke the wall.’

Drake, grew up playing a role in the kids hit TV show, called “Degrassi.” Drake is attempting to personify a rapper that “made it in the streets” so-to-speak. However, this was just not the case. Kodak did grow up in the streets, so maybe that’s how he broke the wall. He actually did everything he’s rapping and singing about.

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